• CropFertil sells
    innovative fertilizers

    NPK complex micro granulated fertilizer autumn-spring, crops applied with seed
  • Cropfertil special

    Liquid nitrogen fertilizer with micronutrients for autumn-spring crops, is applied together with the herbicide-fungicide
  • CropFertil quality

    is specialized in plant nutrients (natural nutrients) and biological fertilizers
  • CropFertil formulas

    to ensure effective nutrition products, CropFertil develops high quality formulas and technology that allow plants to absorb minerals faster by leaves or roots
  • Cropfertil fertilization

    develops new concepts in order to help farmers meet environmental requirements of the civil society

Our manufacturers have quality assurance certificates ISO 9001, documents that represent a real commitment and a voluntary assumption of continuity in providing quality products since 1998.

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CROP SOL (PK or NP fertilizers) - starter in liquid form that is applied during sowing or planting in.

CROP MICRO (NP + S + microelements fertilizers) – micro granular starter.

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To ensure effective nutrition products, CropFertil develops high quality formulas and technology that allow plants to absorb minerals faster by leaves or roots.


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The producers’ experience gained after numerous studies on soil-plant-minerals relationship and agricultural engineering practice have led to a complete range of fertilizers.


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OUR MISSION: Quality commitment and sustainable development


Specialized in nutrition supplements, CropFertil is a medium-sized enterprise of the agriculture network based in the west part of Romania. The company’s business strategy focuses on the sustainable development of agriculture according to three main development principles: economic, social and environment. The sustainable development needs a good natural and economical management of resources and human relations to bring benefits both in the present as well as in future (“sustainable agriculture”, according to the European Commission).


CropFertil designs, produces and sells the largest variety of nutrition supplements on the market. The solutions offered by CropFertil are designed to improve quality and vegetal production (crops, fruit, vegetables, vineyard and others), taking into consideration the clients’ demands regarding the food and non-food products, distribution and consumers.


Due to its many partnerships with research organizations (CNRS, agriculture universities, agriculture schools etc.) CropFertil’s numerous partenerships with research organizations (CNRS, agriculture universities, agriculture schools etc.) have determined the company, in the name of research, development and innovation, to establish goal-related studies in the field of the plants’ natural resources (micro-organisms, symbiotic relations etc.) in order to implement them in agronomical applications viable both economically as well as technically.



Since its foundation, CropFertil has become a reference for the recognition and treatment of the plant and crop nutritional imbalance caused by micronutrients deficiency (Fe, Mn, Co, Cu, Zn, B, Mo, Cl). The main soil nutrients are known as micronutrients as they are needed in small quantities. Micronutrients are important in a plant’s growth since a plant needs a balanced quantity of essential nutrients to grow in optimal conditions. You can find more on prevention and deficiency treatment in André Loué’s book Micronutrients in Agriculture. The book offers a number of collections, (soil, leaves, solid and liquid level) adapted to the culture of plants. 


The large variety of nutrition supplements is obtained after many studies and processes into the role of mineral elements, especially those related to plant physiology as well as the actual interactions between soil and plants and applied agriculture technics. Used in biological agriculture, these supplements allow the improvement of nutrition qualities and offer more opportunities for them to be sold (protein content, crunch resistance, conservation, sugar and element content etc.) for agriculture cultures.


For its producers CropFertil develops new fertilization concepts to help farmers answer to the environment social requirements. Micro-fertilization, local fertilization, leaf fertilization and the bio-availability of the mineral elements are part of the implemented technologies which develop our own products and limit their dispersion in the environment: regular applications which take into consideration the soil characteristics, cultural practices and physiological requirements of the crops.


Our main specialization is the production of vegetal nutrients (natural and elicitation) – products made after having a partnership with UMR 5810 of CNRS (French National Research Center). Mineral nutrition is combined with natural additives formula so that the obtained product can help the plant achieve balanced feeding and become stronger to the environmental attacks during its growth.